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We’ve Changed Renewable
Energy Investing

Direct investments into solar energy assets have long been reserved for large financial institutions. In 2013, having already participated in three quarters of a billion dollars worth of solar energy deals, we launched Clean Energy Advisors (CEA) and dramatically altered ownership access to high quality solar projects. Today, family offices and strategic partners, like you, can take advantage of the investment model we pioneered. Our investment opportunities create predictable income, preserve capital, and provide social and environmental impact.

Number of Solar Projects Funded

Capital Deployed

MW Solar Energy Installed

Homes Powered By Clean Energy

The CEA Difference

CEA has disrupted the way solar projects are financed. We’ve simplified the financial model, reducing both the amount option trading of time required to deploy capital and total project cost. Our strict project acquisition and risk management processes create a series of knowns for the benefit of our investors. In addition, we developed a method to realize the full value of all tax attributes associated with renewable energy projects.

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CEA Founder, Chris Warren, enters the renewable energy industry.


CEA launches the first renewable energy partnership that passes through tax attributes and income to investors.


CEA Solar IV Fund fully deployed with 17 projects and 36 MW of solar installed.


CEA closes additional $800M for acquisition of US solar projects.

Our Experience is Leading the Way

We are leading the way in bringing innovative investment opportunities in the renewable energy space to impact oriented investors. Our management team has a combined 75 years of experience and know what it takes to create a client focused impact investment opportunity.

Driven By Economics

The price of creating electricity from solar energy has rapidly decreased in the past decade. In fact, clean energy produced by the sun is now cost competitive with fossil fuels in most states. CEA acquires projects that provide above average returns with any available tax attributes acting as an enhancement rather than being necessary to drive a return on investment. Our acquisitions are driven by economics, not subsidies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create positive environmental, social, and financial impact. Although Impact Investing is, by comparison, a relatively new movement, it’s not to us. We’ve always focused on investment opportunities that provide risk adjusted, above market return with measurable impact.



Just ask our investors. We started our company by doing something no one has ever done before. We’ll continue to tell our story of above average, tax advantaged, predictable income in a culture focused on outsized return expectations. It’s not exciting...unless you like risk mitigated and predictable outcomes.