Devin Thorpe’s Interview with Chris Warren

Devin Thorpe, founder of the Your Mark on the World Center, interviewed Clean Energy Advisor’s CEO, Chris Warren and asked him about what CEA is doing to create a better and cleaner world for us all.

Interview highlights:

WARREN: “We are extremely innovative in structure and flexibility and have had the good fortunes to put together some opportunities to bring a lot of investors to the table.” THORPE: “This is a huge economic opportunity, setting aside the environmental benefits of solar power.” WARREN: “A lot of folks don’t realize that in many cases up to 30% of the cost of the solar project might be tied up in the financing aspect of it. One of the benefits and opportunities that we saw, and we have created some opportunity around, is to bring a lower cost of capital to the project.” WARREN: “When you put a lot of smaller scale solar projects or alternative energy projects across the grid, it just gives you a much better source of power. It really is making, not only economic sense but, long term stability sense for the US grid.” THORPE: “It seems to me that as we transition to this phase where it makes economic sense to decommission coal fired power plants that your business is going to skyrocket and that’s wonderful for everyone when we start thinking about deploying at that sort of industrial scale.” WARREN: “We are fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.” THORPE: “The opportunity associated with this, I think as we look forward, creates really some exciting opportunities for your investors and there will also be more and more projects that people are going to want to finance.” WARREN: “We’ve been doing it (financing projects) a certain way for so long and everyone is comfortable with that way but its an extremely archaic and inefficient way. Just because we are comfortable with something it doesn’t mean there’s not a better way out there.” WARREN: “We are, in many cases, out there acquiring projects from developers that have good solid projects with good financials but no resources to fund them and put them in the ground.” WARREN: “In almost every case, there are tremendous tax benefits that are associated, at least in today’s current environment, with these projects.” THORPE: “This is an exciting time to be you, Chris. Congratulations.” THORPE: “This is a wonderful time. It really gives me hope. We’ve agonized so long over global warming, climate change and what we’re seeing, in what you’re doing, is that there can be a really large scale/wholesale switch to renewables over the next decade, two or three that really will address this problem at scale.” THOPRE: “I’d wish you good luck actually. You don’t need it. You’ve got the wind at your back, my friend. Good luck. Let’s do some good.”
  About CEA: CEA provides asset management and financial advisory services to impact investors in the sustainable energy sector. We are focused on creating opportunities for investors to participate in the exceptional returns and positive social and environmental impact provided by renewable energy projects.