Family Offices: Direct Investment Considerations

CEAlogo500x500 Last year, Credit Suisse published a white paper entitled The Family Office Dynamic: Pathway to Successful Family and Wealth Management. The document was published in partnership with Ernst & Young and the University of St. Gallen. It’s an authoritative look at the many of the considerations involved in having a successful Single Family or Multi-Family office. The report mentions many areas that apply directly to what we’re doing at CEA. Among them are the direct investment, real asset, tax advantages, long term above average total returns, socially responsible investment, stability, and low volatility characteristics of our renewable energy portfolios.
“This new demand for risk transparency has led to the desire to invest more in direct investment opportunities and in real assets, rather than in complex financial capital market products. The ease of understanding investment products, proximity to the investments, and the possibility of having a real influence on the investment are more important now than ever.”
The report also included an interesting graph that detailed the Projected total return and volatility of various asset classes.
“Long-term investments with lower volatility and a moderate expected return are more often combined with short- to mid-term investments with a significantly higher risk.”
csassetclassesgraph Until December 2016, the tax advantages and other characteristics of a direct investment in renewable energy projects are very compelling.

About CEA:

CEA provides asset management and financial advisory services to family offices. We are focused on creating opportunities for family offices to participate in the exceptional returns and positive social and environmental impact provided by renewable energy projects.