The Investor Experience

At CEA, investment performance and impact go hand in hand. We work to create investment opportunities that create predictable income, preserve capital, and provide a social and environmental impact. We invest alongside you. We strive to do a few things exceptionally well rather than being all things to all people.

Investment Opportunities

Using our experience and strong relationships within the industry, we source and create unique and niche focused renewable energy investment opportunities that allow us to take advantage of our internal expertise, access to interesting projects, and the leverage we’re creating with our consistently growing investor base.


We follow a project acquisition process that consists of four phases. They include initial project due diligence, engineering and design review, financial underwriting, and construction. Our process creates a series of knowns including capital expenditures, energy production, fuel costs, and revenue from electricity sales while mitigating the risks associated with solar assets.

Investment Management

CEA created a model for renewable energy investing unlike anything in the sector. Characteristics of our model, while proprietary, include compelling tax advantages, above market distributions, protection against loss of asset income, and a management fee structure that’s client friendly.

Measurable Impact

Investments in solar energy assets create measurable impact. Pollution and harmful carbon emissions are removed from our atmosphere by replacing power plants that rely on fossil fuels with clean renewable energy. That’s measurable environmental impact. Hundreds of jobs are created with every project we acquire. That’s measurable social impact. Tax advantaged, predictable income streams are generated for our investors. That’s measurable economic impact.

Experience CEA

CEA is a growing firm with offices in Orlando, Raleigh, Nashville, Miami, and New York. In 2017, we expect to open an office in San Francisco.