Solar Energy Momentum is Building

We keep a close eye on Solar energy and general renewable energy news. Here are some of the headlines we’re seeing:
  • “Solar Accounted for 100% of new generation in six states & DC in 2013” – SEIA
  • “Solar power is growing so fast that older energy companies are trying to stop it” – SEIA
  • “Solar power could be world’s main energy source by 2050” – Fortune
  • “6 Reasons for the solar boom” – Forbes Now
  • “New cost analysis shows unsubsidized renewables increasingly rival fossil fuels” – Green Tech Media
  • “Biggest climate march in history” –
  • “US solar and wind start to outshine gas” – Financial Times
  • “Solar energy, like cellphones, will prove naysayers wrong” – Star Tribune
  • “Wealthy philanthropists are being asked to invest in the fight against climate change” – Greenpeace
  • “How renewable energy is taking over the electric grid” – Motley Fool
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