Will Solar Energy Become A Global Business Sector?

CEAlogo500x500Recently, I read the Complete Guide To Corporate Finance at Investopedia.com. It is a fantastic refresher course on all things finance. They’ve done a great job laying out, in general, many of the topics dealt with everyday in financial markets worldwide. While the entire guide is worth reading, there is one part that speaks to the “emerging market” status of renewable energy and reinforces that our world continues to transform in ways that are hard to predict.

4.4.3 Historical Record Of Stocks And Bonds

84% of the sectors today (represented by market capitalization) were of immaterial size or were non-existent at the beginning of the last century.  Technological advancements have a big impact on the stock market. Just as railroads consumed the investing public in the latter part of the nineteenth century, computers and the internet did the same at the end of the twentieth century. For all we know, the dominant sector at the end of the twenty-first century may not even exist today. Which technologies will have the most profound impact on the world’s productivity in the future?  Here at CEA, we believe we’re at the beginning of a big change in how energy is generated…worldwide. We believe renewable energy will have a profound impact on the world. The world is beginning to embrace the need for renewable energy. Leaders are discussing how to generate energy from renewable sources. Some are setting goals for how much they should generate from renewable energy. Several state governments have created mandates for the percentage of energy they must generate from renewable energy sources. Entrepreneurs are entering the renewable energy space at an exciting pace. The foundation has been laid. There is enough evidence to show that renewable energy is here. Investors who embrace the idea renewable energy will change the way we generate and use energy stand to benefit greatly.